At Trinity College, giving is part of our daily life

We encourage our students to look beyond themselves and start to think "What can I do for others?" This is something we are passionate about, and is key in developing each of our students into Men for Others.

As a College we are grateful for the generous support given to us from generations of Men for Others, their families and the Trinity College community.

Through these gifts, the College is able to provide our students with unparalleled educational opportunities, state of the art facilities, and preserve the well-loved Trinity traditions for generations to come. We invite you to explore to different ways to give to Trinity College.


Give the gift of a Trinity College Education…

In 2007 the Trinity College Advisory Board set up the Trinity College Foundation, now named the JA Kelly Foundation, to raise funds for the betterment of Trinity College.

One of the main objectives of the Foundation is to ensure that they uphold the College's efforts to support those families in our community that are without privilege and the marginalized to give them an opportunity to do something and achieve something of beyond their dreams. This parallels so well the philosophy that Blessed Edmund Rice had and which has continued for over a hundred years through the work of the Christian Brothers, both at the Terrace and at Trinity College.

The Foundation has made the decision to support students to attend the College rather than using the money to build facilities, as they believe this is their chance to shape the future.

Please have a look through the bursaries to see how you can help provide a Trinity College Education to a student who under normal circumstances would not have the opportunity.

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Capital Projects

As the Trinity College Foundation focuses on providing a Trinity Education to those students who would not normally have that opportunity, the school relies largely on donations from the Trinity Community to fund our Capital Projects. These projects allow us to continually improve our facilities, ensuring our students have the latest innovations and technology. Recent Capital projects have included the construction of the new Sports Centre in 2015, and more recently the development of a STEM Learning Zone in the Junior School in 2018. The next Capital Project is the refurbishment of the College Chapel, the spiritual heart of the College.

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