Headmaster's Bursary

The Headmasters' Bursaries are the Foundation's way of ensuring that students that would not normally be able to access a Trinity education have this opportunity.

Initially we have chosen three of our iconic Headmasters, each of whom encapsulates the spirit of Trinity College, highlighting our commitment to service and our alignment with the poor and marginalised; Br J A (Tony) Kelly (1960-65 & 1978 – 1984), Br J R (John) Carrigg (1966-1971), and Mr A C (Tony) Curtis (1994-2003).

Maybe you remember one of these Headmasters and you would like to honour their work. We ask that you seriously consider supporting this Scholarship project. You have the opportunity to offer a once off donation or support a young man through his entire education at the College. The choice is yours – help us to shape the future.




Br Kelly was an exceptional leader and teacher who believed that boys should have educational opportunities in all the disciplines: religion, academic, cultural and sport. He built a College that not only provided strong Christian values and academic standards but also laid the foundations for future sporting and music programs.


Br Carrigg worked tirelessly to build and improve facilities at Trinity College. He also encouraged sport in boy's education and in 1967 concluded the negotiations which saw Trinity College invited into the Public School's Association (PSA).


Mr Curtis has had a long association with Trinity College and was responsible for building the Maurice Brockwell Observatory – a very significant initiative. He is remembered as a respected teacher of History and English whose students achieved high levels of academic success.